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HOW TO BUILD A WENDY HOUSE. DIY WENDY HOUSE PLANS JohannesburgHow to Build a Wendy House. DIY Wendy House Plans Johannesburg – A Wendy House is a wonderful plaything for young children; it’s fun and unique, and encourages them to use their imagination. Many adults have fond memories of playing in Wendy Houses when younger and wish their own children to enjoy the same experience, and as a result they have never gone out of fashion. Are you looking to build a wooden Wendy House? If so you’ve come to the right place, because we supply DIY Wendy Houses complete with full plans for you to build at home!

Building one of our DIY Wendy Houses could not be easier; we supply you with all the materials and details on how to build a Wendy House, and the designs are aimed at those with experience of household DIY rather than expert craftsmen. All of our Wendy House designs are carefully considered so that they are safe for children to enjoy, and we take great pride in offering a range of sized that should overcome any space restrictions, as well as offering our quality products at the very best prices.

If the idea of DIY Wendy Houses is not up your street then don’t worry; although we are confident most people can build one we offer fully finished Wendy Houses ready for your use, and at prices that you will find pleasantly surprising. We can even offer you cheaper plastic houses, but strongly recommend you view our beautiful wooden designs as we know you will be hooked! Our superbly made Wendy Houses are the best in South Africa, and we are sure you will enjoy yours for a lifetime, so why not get in touch now for a quote on either a ready made or DIY Wendy House? You know you want to!

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